Marketing Using Mobile APPs

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Doral News Paper Mobile APP is now available on all platforms.  In celebration we gave away a Free Mobile APP to one lucky business owner in a mobile chance drawing.To participate in the drawing, participants needed to download the Mobile APP and then complete a 4 question ballot and submit through the Mobile APP.  The state of the art analytics then tallied the submissions and the winner was selected within seconds.

Lilian El SoukiThe winner of the Mobile Business APP is Ms.  Lilian El Souki, Realtor SP InternationalAssociate of SP International Realty.  Lilian specializes in high end Residential and Commercial Real Estate.  We look forward to creating her APP and assisting her with her marketing plan to ensure its success and her business growth.  Congratulations Lilian El Souki, we look forward to working with you.

Look for Lilian’s Mobile APP to be launched within the next  10 to 15 business days and join us in congratulating Lilian El Souki  on her brand new state of the art Mobile APP.

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