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Why are some Businesses Successful with Mobile APP and other fail so badly? No ratings yet.

Well here is the ugly truth…

 It’s not about the APP features, appearance or even the functionality.  Regardless what you spent on it.  It’s not about your business product or service, this can be obtained through your competitors.

The answer is….

The difference that can be found between a transactional business and a relationship building business model.

There are three basic things we need to understand here.

  • A Transaction business is just that a business that sells a product or service to its customers does not believe that it needs a personal relationship.
  • A Relationship business is one that creates loyal customers that buy its products or services.
  • Mobile APPS have empowered the consumer. So the customer now determine who he or she will buy from based on “how” they feel they are treated.  In other words, who they have a relationship with the business based on their criteria.

A lot of businesses believe they are “Relationship based” while they are really “Transaction Based”.  Fact is we could make a full University Course on each one of those points above but for the sake of brevity lets go to the test!  Yes, there is a test!

To determine if your business is Transaction or Relationship based just be honest and ask yourself these questions.


  • How many referrals has your customer brought to you in the last season?
  • Does your customer buy from others the same product or service you offer? Do you know?
  • Do you communicate regularly asking your customer for what they want, like or need and then provide feedback to them based on their own responses?
  • Do you reach out to them on holidays and special occasions just to say hi?
  • Do you provide ongoing professional advice and guidance without it being immediately tied to a sale?

The true test comes when a customer is going to make a referral. If the customer has a true relationship with you the referral will be walked to your business.  If you have a transactional business you may or may not get the referral because a person’s reputation is riding on it.

Mobile apps have become very personal there for it requires a relationship to make a successful mobile app work!

IF you have a relationship business with your customer your Mobile APP will reap you great rewards.

IF you have an APP and you ignore your customer through the APP, it’s the same as having a customer in front of you and you ignore him.  That’s just not good business.

We can help you.  Besides creating great mobile apps we provide industry leading digital mobile marketing plans that take you from awareness of your APP to growth of your business and may even guide you to realtionship based business.

Contact us today and let’s get started.

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