Marketing Using Mobile APPs

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What can you do with a Mobile APP?

The Mobile APP for business technology is relatively new, so many people are understandably confused or just simply don’t see the benefits of having a Mobile APP.  Currently billions of dollars in consumer spending annually are done through Mobile APPS and yet one of the most common questions we get at   “Way Out Mobile Solutions” get is: “What can you do a Mobile APP?”

So we decided to go back to our current customers and see how they were doing?  The following are some of the marketing ideas shared with us.  Feel free to share some of your ideas on using Mobile APPS in eCommerce here and incorporate them in your marketing plans.

Events and Banquets:

Our favorite feature has to be the “Submit Photo“.  We have a banquet hall and host events all the time.  One of the greatest marketing things I have seen is the ability for each quest to submit photos of the event.  Sound silly?  Maybe but, we have some great shot and some not so great but it allot of fun and it keeps the party going long after the quest have gone home and they talk about our banquet hall.  They share pictures and stories with friends and family and that’s great for our business.  We couldn’t buy that kind of marketing or advertising, – Thank you “Way Out Mobile Solutions”.

Restaurant Business:
Our customers have our Mobile APP on their phones and we run specials on the fly.  Sometimes when we are slow, we create a “Special of the Hour” or two hours and send it out by “Push Messaging”.  The response is incredibly at time when the restaurant is practically empty 3 or 4 in the afternoon; we are very busy filling orders.  We run contest and promote the daily specials – It’s so much easier than print marketing and from idea to execution is minutes without additional expenses like postage or creating and printing out flyers and it doesn’t cost anything extra.  I would recommend it to any restaurant owner specially the “Online Ordering Feature” combined with “Push Messaging”, that alone has doubled my business.
Service Industry:

I deal with many different service providers and I am able to get some very good offers from some of the business I deal with, they provide to me discounts that I can in turn offer my clients.  I use the “Loyalty Coupon Feature” on my Mobile APP and send the unique coupons to my customer base, usually twice a Month.  My customers have taken advantage of the unique offers at Spas and Specialty upscale Restaurant and they have expressed gratitude and appreciation.  This helps me stay in front of my customers, increase my business and get many referrals ahead of my competition.   The businesses I deal with appreciate the additional business and free advertising.  My customers enjoy the discounts and I create repeat and loyal customer base.  It’s a win- win and it doesn’t cost me anything more than the monthly hosting.  Thanks Way Out Mobile!

Music Industry:

Whenever I have a concert I tell ask my Fans to download my free Mobile APP as a gift to them, I tell them it has some of my music and they can hear it any time they like.  Its also the best way to hear my new music as it comes out plus they can reach out and we can stay in contact with each other.  I have a “Fan Wall” feature that they can write comments about the  music venue, food whatever – I love to hear from them and write them back.  I offer a freebie (Music C.D.) to one lucky fan that I pull from that data base and then we talk it up, other fans get involved – it’s great!  It keeps my fans engaged and attending my concerts.  They actually share the APP with friends and relatives for me.  I Love it – Gerry (Way Out Mobile) – you the man!

Church Religion:

As a Chaplin I have soldiers deployed all over the world, some have wanted to reach out to me for a prayer, guidance or just to hear my last sermon.  This Mobile APP has provided me the venue I need to reach out to them and more importantly they can reach out to me if they had to in privacy.  We use the “RSS feed feature” to record my message and more importantly to let them hear the word – I appreciate greatly what this could mean to a Soldier.

Non- Profit:

We have a Community Newsletter that we send out every week.  We allows our customers to post classified Ads for free using the “Message Board feature”.  It helps them hire the help they need or sell that thing they been wanting to get rid of, it drives traffic to our business every day.  In turn we see more donations and helps drive our sales and our cause.  The best part except for the time it takes to write the Newsletter – it doesn’t cost us anything.  I love this thing (Mobile APP)!

Gym/Sports Team:

I run a Yoga school.  We change venue frequently and the “instant contact button” allows me to stay in contact with my students, insure they have received whatever message needed to be conveyed.  I can offer equipment; special classes and products rights through the APP, my students can place their orders and pay for them right from their phones through the Yoga “Shop button”.  It’s quite a help and less distracting when we get together – so we can focus on the Yoga classes instead of filling orders and collecting monies.  I find it quite the little assistant.
Professional Consulting Firm:

It’s very difficult with time constraints to stay in front of your client’s all the time and with all the competition that is available today – “if you’re out of sight you’re out of mind”.  To keep clients today you need of course to provide professional service in a timely fashion but you also need to be the source of information that they can rely on and can go to when they need it.  To do that, you have to be available all the time, for that we use the Mobile APP to post important industry updates and important information.  We have multiple “Email Subscriptions’” that clients can turn on or off depending on their wants and desires.  We also announce Seminars using the “Events Tab” where clients can register, purchase and pay for tickets, venues, materials as well as comment and share with others all in advance.  Without incurring additional expenses, it helps us greatly as we have typically 50% of the guest list and payments completed by the clients and the Mobile APP long before the event begins.  The Mobile APP has changed the dynamics of our industry to be certain.

Auto Rental Industry

We have a fleet of cars that we rent to our customers that come to Miami from Latin America without the Mobile APP they may have rented from those rental giants at the airport.  With our Mobile APP, that was sent to them as a gift, we receive advance rental reservations and payment confirmations.  Our clients in Spanish can use the Mobile APP to view our available inventory complete the reservation form and submit.  We confirm payment and pick them up at the airport.  This Mobile APP is part of our business for sure.

We want to thank all the responses we have received and all our contributors.  To be honest this was as much an insight for us as it probably will be for many of our readers.  Thank you again and please if you want to add how your business uses Mobile technology – we welcome your comments.   If our business does not yet have Mobile APP, please go to the contact page at Way Out Mobile and orders your free demo today.

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