how do I know it will be successful?

The short answer to this question is rather simple.  For an APP to be successful it must provide 4 elements to the end user.

  1. It must informative.  That is unlike a website is must provide engaging fresh content to keep the attentions of the end user.
  2. It must be Interactive.  You are invading the users time, space and energy.  Successful business owners realize this and provide a “voice” to the end user.  Allowing feedback and commentaries, bringing together “like-minded individuals”.
  3. Facilitate a process.  Whether you are selling your services, products or organizing a committee the mobile APP must serve a “true function of facilitating a process“.  Making a process simple is key.
  4. It must be Entertaining.  Successful APPS businesses realize that capturing the interest of the end user and keeping them engaged is crucial in growing a network, just like any social media sites.   In this case, building a network of loyal exclusive customers to your product or service.