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To many people; the Smart phone has become a very intimate thing.  Some reports show users sleeping with their phones no less than 3 feet away!  

 The intimacy is even greater, when we talk about personal services like:

  • Medical Doctors and Dentist Offices
  • Health & Holistic Centers
  • Health & Beauty Spas
  • Beauty Salons
  • Alternative Medicine Practitioners
  • Complementary Medicine Clinics

So your Mobile APP must provide intimate user experience to be successful.

Phone PicEvidence shows consumers using these services where they feel comfortable, connected and close.  In many instances they follow the service provider wherever she goes.  Its that personal!

So it’s almost natural that those personal service businesses that understand this relationship are already using Mobile APPS with their customers to increase and solidify customer loyalty, customer growth and consequently increase business revenue..



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 How are Medical, Health and Wellness Centers are  using Business Mobile APPS to increase income?

The Customers / Patients Engagement:

  • Contacting the Offices easily with – one push buttons for contacting, directions or emails to business offices.
  • Resulting in Making more appointments with simple reservation or appointment scheduling features.
  • Buying more products by purchasing products and additional services at any time not just when the business is open.
  • More engaged in the services receiving special offers and promotions right to their phones. Using GPS coupons or QR Coupons.
  • Repeat business with LOYALTY Programs
  • Buying more because they are learning more through QR Codes with product or service information.
  • Receiving timely information, updates and announcements.
  • Participating in EVENTS by getting informed of events with registrations that are as simple as on click on one button.
  • And much more…


The Doctor, The Medical Office, Therapist, Counselors and SPAS and Salons are using Mobile APPS to…

  • Increase time management, easily receiving reservations and scheduling calendars.
  • Send Immediate notification of scheduling changes to customer/Patients.
  • Increase sales by participating in chat forums with customers/Patients for Question and answers about products services and their benefits.
  • Offer products, services, subscriptions in an portable virtual shopping cart your customer carry’s with them all the time – unlike the flyer that was mailed out a week ago.
  • Plan success Events – with management made easy.  Planning, invitations, information, guest registration, payment, ordering all in one organized place.

The Medical Business Owner(s) / Managers are…

  • Increasing revenue selling products and services at all hours not just when business is open.
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention.
  • Increase business prestige
  • Decrease operating cost – send, manage and collect forms for evaluations, surveys, customer or patient records, referrals etc.
  • Collect payments for services, products, events, promotions.  Collect payments even when the business is closed.
  • Manage customer relations with quick effective messaging to one, some or all clients /patients for whatever you want to say.  Maybe just hello have a great weekend we are here if you need us.  (takes 5 min)
  • Save time – easily manage employee calendars,
  • Manage multiple locations.


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