This has all the available feature of the previous Plans and adds digital marketing consultation and support.  

PRO PLAN $399 / Month

As the name implies this is for the Professional business person wanting to take advantage of the the growth in Digital Marketing.  This plan is designed to DRIVE TRAFFIC, RETAIN LOYAL CUSTOMERS and GROW  your business.

  1. Just select TWO of each from Group A, B, C and one from D.
  2. We set your virtual coupon or offer in 48 hours you reap the rewards.
  3. Come with 6 hours monthly Digital Marketing support and consultation.

At this plan level you should seriously consider having your own Mobile APP.  That would allow you to Drive Traffic to you from the Mall APP and then engage them in your own APP guided by a specific Digital Marketing Plan to accomplish your Goals and Vision.


All industries whether Service, Retail or Food should have a Digital Marketing Plan in which all phases herein are addressed from awareness, engagement and monetization to growth.  We guide the entire way with a customized DMP (Digital Marketing Plan).  Contact us to learn more about these specialized plans.