This has all the available feature of the Starter Plan and adds a various very popular features.  The PERK program allows maximum use of loyalty program without giving away profit to share sales like GROUPON or similar services.

Economy $199 / Month

This plan is designed to DRIVE TRAFFIC AND RETAIN LOYAL CUSTOMERS to your business that visits other stores in the shopping center at the most affordable pricing.  

  1. Just select one feature from Group A, B and C.
  2. We set your virtual coupon and Loyalty programs in 48 hours you reap the rewards.


SERVICE BUSINESSES:  We recommend adding the RESERVATIONS or Loyalty Program feature by either linking the online existing booking service you might have and combine that with GPS and Push Notification features.

RETAIL BUSINESSES:  Nothing like driving traffic because they were alerting of your offer just by entering the local area.  Great way to bring traffic to the Mall.  Increase repeat business by adding a Perk Program.

RESTAURANTS & COFFEE SHOPS: We recommend virtual offers with GPS as well as your Menu in every Shoppers hands.  Loyalty reward program (Repeat business)