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Schools across the country are using Mobile APPS to improve communications, interactions and enrollments. 


  • Easy Communication with administrators and school officials.
  • For schools with cameras in classrooms parents can check up on their children from mobile APPS.a-parents-guide-to-mobile-phoneshh ain
  • Busy parents can easily stay informed of events, news and school announcements from Administrators, Teachers and PTA/PTSA.


  • Stay informed of school events, clubs, school sports.
  • School spirt communications, booster club and school club chat walls.
  • Room chat on assignments with teacher and classmates.  Teacher has control of chat topic and direction.


  • Easily manage School Calendar of Events for students and parents.
  • Easy collect forms from parents or students. Automate forms such as field trip forms, signup forms, fund raising collections forms etc.
  • Easy parent News Blast – save a ton of time and ensures efficiency using Push Notification right to Parents phones.  Can send a message to one parent, a group of parents even by parent in a specific geographical area.


  • Collect and process tuition payments or dues or fund raising monies.
  • Easily manage information flow to and from Parents, Teachers, Students, Alumni, Community etc.
  • Emergency blast messaging to parents right to the cell phones.
  • Registration permits closed community communication within the Mobile APP allowing private communication between registered parties.
  • Increased enrollment made easy with virtual forms and promotions, announcements etc.

School Clubs / PTA/PTSA / Boosters:

  • Easy fund raising planning, promotion and istock_000021086131smallexecution of events, shows and happenings.
  • One click Event Planning – all centralized (No more forms) everything is done through the Mobile APP.
  • Collect fees and dues.  Make donations, buy tickets sales right through the APP.  No check or money handling needed.

If your school is ready to start using the mobile phones that everyone is already carrying to communicate effectively or you just want information, contact us today for a DEMO or special promotion on school APPS now through March 2016.

Or download our Mobile APP from APPLE or ANDROID and complete the Form for “Web & APP Design” and submit.  We would love to hear from you.

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