Save on Hosting Cost

The best way to save on your monthly hosting cost…

Share the opportunity!

We have many customers that have referred their customers who are asking about getting an APP for the business.

You can help them and help yourself in the process.

Submit your referral to us using the Way Out Mobile APP.sharea-button

If you haven’t downloaded it yet click here for APPLE or here for ANDROID.

Once you have it go to the free hosting tab.

  1. Screen C 640 x 960Complete the easy to complete form and push submit.
  2. We will contact your referral.
  3. If they decide to get a mobile APP you will be awarded.
    1. two months free hosting and
    2. Earn 5 marketing support hours.

The more you submit the more you earn.

Don’t wait do it now.

As always if we can help you please feel free to contact us.  Use the mobile APP to make inquires and we welcome suggestions.