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QR is short for Quick Response (they can be read quickly by a cell phone scanner). They are used to take information and put it in to your customer cell phone.  

How could you use a QR code?

Many businesses are using QR CODES & QR COUPONS to market their business and save thousands on expensive print advertising.

Your business, no matter how small or large, could use QR codes and QR COUPONS to send messages to your customers smart phones.  Messages with text, audio, video or a combination of all of it and can be used in several ways.


  • QR COUPONS: Track customer purchases and reward loyal customers.
  • PLACE ON PRODUCTS: Describing the benefits of your service or product,
  • URL PAGE: Showcase any product, feature or service on the user phone.
  • PRINTED LITERATURE: Add to business cards, flyers, advertisements.


Will your customers use them?

YES, more and more smartphone users are using them according to many recent studies. 

As APP use grows so does the use or QR Codes and QR Coupons by successful businesses. 

We would love the opportunity to show you how QR Codes and other Mobile APP features can help your business.  Contact us now for a no obligation appointment.


How can I get more information ?


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