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What is a Push Notification?

Push notices are a modern digital marketing method that sends your sales or promotions message directly to a users mobile phones.



Push Notification are pop up messages directly to your customers phone.

This feature allows you to send full screen ads, promotions, specials, holiday greetings, announcements and more right to the users smart phone.  

You can link full page URL’s, full screen interactive offer and mobile app feature tabs directly to the users attention.

You can send you add or we can create custom ads and offers for you to send.

Combined with smart phones GPS functions you can create ads that “wake-up” your phone and allows your customer to see your offer and specials when they enter your physical area.

Use to increase traffic on slow days, promote holiday  greeting and much more.

What can I use Push Notifications for?

Basically send your advertisement, notices and messages to your customer

  • Sends sales offers, specials, promotions
  • Send Instructions, updates, Surveys, Forms to be completed
  • Send Website links, url’s, tab links etc.

Push Notification Statistics?

Click here to read how “Statics show 50% to 80% of Push Notifications are opened and acted upon.”


mesg offer


Contest registration, progress and winners. Great way to keep customers engaged.  Send Push Notifications at every stage of the event, contest or promotion.  Great for school and organizational fund raisers.  Keeps customers, guest and participants excited.


Flash mob notifications, flash sales, last minute promotions.  Great way to keep large groups of students, customers, members informed and engaged.  Send out flash notifications and updates.


Push notifications are a great emergency alert system, school advisories, parent – teacher conference notices, natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes etc.



Great, so how do I set up Push Notifications ?

Like all features just log into your dashboard and go to the help desk or contact us to set up your messages for you.





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