Marketing Using Mobile APPs

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Most Business APPS are destined to fail?

We agree, if there is no Mobile Marekting Plan

The answer is so painfully simple.  Ask yourself?…

Would you buy the best car in the world and not buy the tires?

Would you take a world cruise and not plan the travel?

If you are like most sound business people you would laugh at these questions and say “of course not”.  Well in a similar manner many people buy the latest smartphones and have no idea of the true capacity and capability of the phone.  Still some others purchase mobile APPS for their business with no true mobile marketing plan.   Basically failing to plan and therefore planning to fail.

Way Out Mobile Solutions is proud to be one of the few mobile app developers  that focuses not only on the business needs in developing a mobile APP but even more importantly to the business a marketing plan to make the mobile APP successful.  Ensure the success of the mobile APP and ensure the success of the business!  It’s really that simple.

Many business owners have mistakenly believed that “creating the APP is all you have to do  and the downloads will come”.  That is not true at all.  You must tell your consumers about your Mobile APP.  You have to engage them to use your app.  Once that is done then and only then can you truly monetize (make money) from your mobile APP.

Millions of Mobile APPs have been developed but according to Google nearly half are not in use.  Getting the right mobile APP is half the task the other half is how to market it once you have it.

The GOAL OF A MOBILE MARKETING PLAN: Is ultimately to create a sub-culture of dedicated and loyal customers that buy your product or service and through your business engaging others to do the same, in essence creating your own unique social media network.

Our Mobile Marketing Business Guide is designed to help you guarantee your Mobile APPS success.  Our Mobile Marketing Template is designed to help you create your mobile marketing strategy and tactics over a 6 month period.

If you are considering a mobile app for your business or have a mobile app but don’t know how to make it work for you, contact us today!  We would be happy to share with you our mobile APP template.

Our mobile app marketing template goes throught the major five key steps, in a 5 to 6 month progression to get your business to the proverbial “next level”.

1)      Awareness

2)      Engagement

3)      Monetization

4)      Loyalty

5)      Growth

Don’t let the mobile revolution leave your business behind.  Contact us today.  Click here to start your APP or to make an inquiry call us at 786.343.1384. or email us at


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