Mobile Phone Functions

These are but a few of the Features and Functions that can be added to a Mobile APP.  We customize every APP we build so you may have more or less depending on what you feel you need and want.  In combination we can create even more functions   Create unique marketing campaigns using QR Codes or Push Messaging – or combine Push Messaging a QR code.  The combinations are unlimited.


Attracting New Customers Retaining Exiting Customers Specialty Tabs
Direction View: One-touch directions. Loyalty Coupons: Spend more earn more to spend. PDF: Upload or link to PDFs
Social Media Integration: Email Forms: Customization email submission Real Estate: Place, Show and promote listing’s
Merchandise: Sell products with an online shopping cart Email Photo: Simple tool to share selfies or any other image Menú: Displays menú ítems ala cart
Info Tab: Display great, customizable content Push notifications fully integrated dashboard Food Ordering: integrated mobile AP ordering
QR Coupons: GPS Coupons: Google Ads:
Tell Friend: Easy app-sharing Comment board for customers QR Scanner: Built-in
YouTube Channel: Reservations: Mobile booking feature Golf Fields
Walkthrough: Great intro tool to explain features Image Gallery: Add custom Music: Upload mp3
Call Us: Easy, one-touch calling. Membership: Limit access News: Display relevant
Around Us: info & display of points of interest. Events Planning Mortgage Calculator:


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