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“Build an APP and business will come!”  Is simply not true! 

Having a Mobile APP is half the success story.  Now you must use it correctly to make it profitable for you.  there are three basic rules to follow.

1) Rule Number One – Smartphones have changed how people consume, the old paper or email campaigns are not as effective.

Historically we were taught to sell think “Product, Placement and Pricing”. Today that has changed – Mobile marketing is directed and made successful by consumer generated responses.  customer-is-king

The Consumer is king, they will buy your product or service on their terms.  When they want! How they want! and Where they want!

Using their mobile to connect if your consumer want to buy something from you at am and your not open -they will buy from a competitor.  A mobile APP makes this possible.


2) Rule number two:

Successful Mobile Marketing needs customer engagement to work.

Face it – it’s their Smartphone, it’s their rules.  For many the smartphone has become an extension of their personalities.  the-value-of-customer-engagement-ebook-1-638

A business that succeeds in mobile APP marketing is one that succeeds in engaging their customers.

Using GPS, QR Coupons, Push Notifications, Loyalty Programs.  Simply put if you ignore your customer on their phones – they will ignore you at the register.


3) Rule number three:  You need a solid MOBILE MARKETING PLAN for your MOBILE APP to succeed.

A solid marketing plan will answer all the questions before you have to ask like..

  • How does my customer find and download my APP?
  • How do I get my customer to use it?
  • How do I use it?
  • How can I make money on it?

Marketing Wheel

A solid marketing plan will walk you through Mobile APP customer awarenessThey can’t download it if they don’t know you have it.

Then answers for you how to get customers to engaged using your APP.

Monetization!  How you will earn money from the APP?

Eventually developing a relationship which brings us to your brand loyalty and then growth.

If you acquired your Mobile APP from Way Out Mobile Solutions, Inc. you already have marketing guide with the strategy to help you develop you marketing tactics and processes.

If you need help and need to make you Mobile APP work for you like its working for thousands of people in business today. Keep in mind that the retail sales projection for 2015 for sales through mobile apps is 5 billion dollars.

Many large businesses are closing retail outlets as their online sales jump because of sales through mobile apps. It’s time for you to succeed using mobile technology as well, don’t be left behind.

Contact us today to get started. Click here or call Gerry Reyes at 786-343-1384.

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