Mobile Marketing Plan Template

Plug in to the Digital Mobile Revolution:

If you wanted to market your business in one of the most effective manners possible, what would you do?

  • Would want to insure your sales message got through to the most number of prospects?
  • Ensuring each prospect carries a mobile device with them everyday? Everywhere?
  • A mobile device that you could sell your product or service without much effort from them?
  • Send 100’s o f messages at a cost of typically less than one days wage for an employee?

The key to this multi-million dollar infrastructure is already in place. Your customers have spent millions of their dollars to build this infrastructure through the million of Smartphone’s they have purchased.


Ensure your Mobile APP Succeeds:

To be successful it must meet the following criteria:

    • It must be attractive and engaging for user experience.
    • It must be informative and of value and refresh content often
    • It must be interactive. Top APPs engage customers all the time.



Why a Mobile Marketing Plan?


Millions of Mobile APPs have been developed but according to Google nearly half are not in use. Getting the right mobile APP is half the task the other half is how to market it once you have it?


The GOAL OF A MOBILE MARKETING PLAN: Is ultimately to create a sub-culture of dedicated and loyal customers that buy your product or service and through your business engaging others to do the same, in essence creating your own unique social media network.


This Mobile Marketing Business Guide is designed to help you guarantee your Mobile APPS success.


This is a template design you help you create your mobile marketing strategy and tactics over a 6 month period. Please feel free to contact us for specific marketing plans for your business (additional charges may apply).