Marketing Using Mobile APPs

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Failure of Your Mobile APP – Lessons Learned:

To be successful your business mobile APP must be:

  • Informative: Providing for the user fresh and needed content continuously.
  • Innovative: Fresh graphic, cool features, easy on the eyes and appealing.
  • Interactive: Customers opinion count, creating user ownership of your APP!

That said here are the top 5 reasons why APPS Fail (Do’s and Don’ts)

Don’t do this!

DO This!

Trying to go Viral Right-away:

Trying to build the world’s greatest anything in one day – often means failure. To build the world’s greatest structure, you must first perfect the first brick then move to the next one and so on and so forth.

  • Do nothing, expecting customers to know you have an APP!
  • Promote your APP with every feature and benefit.
  • Have a marketing plan.
  • Devote at least 6 months to “selling” the new marketing strategy to your customers.
  • Promote one feature at a time through your current method of contact (i.e. Email, Facebook)

Assuming the Consumers need:

Most apps fail because entrepreneurs do not validate their product with actual customers who would be willing to pay.


  • Assume you know how the end user will engage with your Mobile APP.  Different customers are attracted by different features.
  • Create “Questionnaires “and “Forms”: Ask your customers for their opinions. 
  • They will begin using your APP and gain a sense of ownership as you are taking their opinion into consideration.

Ease of use first.

An “Exit” sign on the door that says “Push” is there for a reason.  Sometime basic instructions is basic need and not so obvious.

  • Assume your customers will know exactly how to use the features of your APP.
  • You don’t have to do anything.
  • Use the simple guides we may provide your company to educate your clients one feature at a time.
  • Follow a marketing plan

Ignoring Analytics.

Know how your customers are actually using the app, which is often very different from what you expect.


  • Ignoring content response data.
  • You don’t have to do anything, thinking your campaign is the Utmost.
  • Often the customers will let you know what they want after all you want their money you have to provide what they want.
  • Look at your Analytics see what works and what really doesn’t.

Skimping on graphics.

The reason most people download the Facebook APP instead of accessing it through the browser –User Experience.

  • Use automated loading software.
  • Ignore Colors, brightness, images they all affect consumer mood and affect your business.
  • Make it attractive, this is the new business card.
  • Use clear and colorful images.
  • Refresh content often.

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