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Customer engagement is critical in keeping your customers coming back to you.  Loyalty reward programs are an excellent way to do that. 

Very popular with all age groups and customer types.  Engagement of the mobile APP had been one of the greatest challenges some businesses that earlier created mobile apps for their customer faced.  Today its a lot easier to engage your customers.

This feature helps keep customers involved, engaged and sharing your business contact and happenings with their friends, family and more importantly keep them coming back.

comes in various customization styles but basically allows repeat customer to receive a recognition reward for a specific amount of services.  For example a free gourmet coffee with the purchase of 5 gourmet coffees.  


Here are some other examples:

1) CHECK-IN REWARD:  Rewards a specific action like sharing on Social Media or Downloading the APP.

2) PERK PROGRAM:  Accumulating redeemable points towards rewards with each referral, service, purchase etc. done with your business.  Once customer has enough points they may redeem for different levels of rewards or continue accumulating points for greater rewards.

3) STAMP PROGRAM:  This coupon tracks and records accumulating stamps in the users phone, until enough stamps are accumulated to receive reward.with various popular features.



How do you get started ?

Like all features just log into your dashboard and go to the help desk or contact us to set up your loyalty programs.


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