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How Restaurants Use Mobile APPS to Succeed No ratings yet.

Almost every week restaurant open and almost every week restaurant close.  It’s a tough business no doubt.  In our fast paced, always on the move society many restaurants are discovering the benefits of using mobile Apps.


Truth is – it’s not a magic red or blue pill.  Building and APP does not mean your going to succeed.  You need to understand how your customer actually use the mobile APPS.  Understand that traditional marketing methods do not work with mobile apps – rather understand consumer based marketing and personal consumer preferences.  Click on the links to learn about consumer based marketing and personal consumer preferences.

The restaurants that have understood this change in customer behavior are leaving the competition behind.

Let’s see how restaurant actually use Mobile APPS?


  • Using Mobile ordering and paymentBanner 637 x 298 B
  • Time saver menus – Alleviate waiting for.
  • Make reservations – Alleviate waiting for table.
  • Food and restaurant ratings
  • Using – Loyalty Coupons
  • Using – QR Coupons games and offers
  • GPS Coupons and Specials
  • Find the restaurant easily


  • Reduce cost in Traditional Marketing (Print, TV, Radio, and postage)
  • Interlace with Social Media – Target local patrons
  • Increase “delivery” meal sales.
  • Increase visits with Push Notifications & Geo Fencing campaigns
  • Manage events and parties with ease.


  • More Sales, Increased Revenue
  • Effective promotions and Event Planning
  • Reduce advertising expenses


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