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The Medical Industry is one of the heaviest regulated industries today.   It is a daunting task for many medical practices to stay in compliance with HIPPA and other State and National Regulations.


In this article we consider two major concerns.

1)  Will a medical practice violate HIPPA if they use a mobile app in their practice?

2)  Can a medical office remunerate a patient for a referral?

If you’re considering a mobile app for your practice it’s important to know how HIPPA and other State and National Regulations affect its use and your practice.

Regarding HIPPA; the use of a mobile app by a medical practice is an area of concern for many.

 “The HIPAA Rules only apply to HIPAA “covered entities” and their “business associates.” They do not apply to health care consumers


thVMTN42VUIn short; as long as the health care provider and related staff DO NOT provide any personal, financial or health information there is no violation of the law.  The law does not embody the consumer (i.e. the patient); they are not subject to the provisions of this law.  Though it is not recommended that they share any personal information they can share their experience and even offer a recommendation to others to use your practice.  A mobile APP provides your patient that tool, that platform – so they can in fact provide that “word of mouth” referral to you.


referral2The Medial Mobile APPS we create provide a section for comments and testimonies for your patients.  Your Patients can share their comments on their social media pages if they wHippaish, allowing for free and effective advertisement of your practice.  You may not edit these comment but you have the ability to delete any inappropriate comment should the need arise.  This has resulted in a very effective, economical and modern marketing system.

For a more detailed explanation checkout the article on Mobi Health News by Adam Green, JD MPH.


Obama-Care Preventive Health Care Requirement.  This is another main Obama Careconcern?  How do you prove that your Patients are actually reading and engaging in the required Preventive Health Education (Topics Required in Preventive Health Education).  Medical Practices using a mobile APP makes this very easy.   Consider sending a Push Notification weekly with Analytic attached.  This ways you can see the statistics of your efforts.  How many opened preventive care instructions, how often, completed survey, shared articles?  All for no additional cost saving thousands in postage and compliance cost annually.


Regarding remunerations for a medical referral the simple answer is “NO”.  It is neither a legal nor an ethical practice to pay a patient for a referral, however; there is no law (currently) in the country that prohibits a medical practice from cross referencing a service.  Provided of course it is a legitimate service that you have confidence in anyone can refer a business service to anyone else.  Many practices in fact have a bulletin board where a patient can pin a business card.  Similarly our mobile app has a”Friends of the Practice” feature which allows a patient exposure to their business.  This is a feature which you might want to implement to show appreciation to a patient who has referred a new patient to you.

See the article by Mark Studin, D.C., F.A.S.B.E. “Paying Doctors for Referrals” (legal Department).

Together with our award winning digital marketing plan that engages every question you will encounter in mobile marketing for the success of your Practice a Mobile APP might be just what your practice needs.

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