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MOST ASKED QUESTION IN 2017 (Business Mobile APPS)

Below is a summary of the top 10 questions asked in 2017 by small business owners.  Let us know if you have a question you would like to see answered, comment below.

Top 5 Mobile APP Questions of 2017

This is probably the best and most frequent question I have gotten in the last 5 years.  Truth is a lot of APPS are created and people never use them after opening them up just one time.

Another truth is most consumers probably haven’t had their morning coffee yet and have already checked on 4 or 5 apps.  Whether checking what’s going on in social media, looking at work calendar, today’s to do’s or your fitness schedule.  Good or bad, as a society we are glued to our phones.

So the real question is  how do you get them to engage in your APP regularly?

The answer is surprising simple.  If you provide relevant, informative, useful and entertaining information and allow them the opportunity to review, suggest, vote and otherwise participate in your APP – they WILL come and they will use it.

One of my customers said to me “MY VIBE ATTRACTS MY TRIBE” that is perhaps the best way I have have ever hear it put.  With a Mobile APP and a Digital Marketing Strategy you have a 24/7 connection with your customers.  Businesses have a much deeper connection then ever before.  Succeeding in business today is about building a relationship on the customers terms and not just completing a sales transaction.

Together a your Mobile APP and your VIBE in a digital marketing plan are what makes businesses succeed in using creating their loyal customers (their tribe).

So yes, if you get an APP your customer WILL use it, IF you use it and CONNECT with your customers (your tribe).  

We can help design with your input a digital marketing strategy that can help you build a large following and in turn find your true loyal customers.

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