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NEWS BLAST (Press Release):  Free Online Training From Way Our Mobile Solutions.

Last Blog we offered the top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of the Mobile APP Success.  We have received many inquires, questions and comments regarding that article.  The top request has been for ongoing training and insight on the Mobile APP market.4TipsForMobileAppMarketingTo that end we are happy to introduce our new online training program.  This program is designed to help you understand and manage the use, editing and monitoring of the Mobile APP management “Dashboard”.  These course are free for you and your staff and will help you increase the subscriber to your mobile app and increase income and revenue but helping you market your Mobile APP.  We will look at how to use Push Messaging, Push notification, Geo Messaging, QR Codes marketing and much more. 

 We have implemented several on online training course(s) for your benefit:

 ·         Dashboard Management;

 ·         Wednesday October 2, 2013; 10:15 AM (English): 

 ·         Wednesday October 2, 2013; 12:15 AM (En Español): 

 ·         Growing you Mobile APP for increase profit and Business (English):

 ·         Wednesday October 10, 2013; 10:15 AM (English): 

 ·         Wednesday October 10, 2013; 12:15 AM (En Español): 

To enroll in these course – PLEASE REQUEST access with the name and email of the person(s) wanting to attend the course(s) and which course they want to attend to You can attend as many courses as you wish.

 The requesting guest student(s) will receive an email confirmation 48 hours prior to the training event with link instruction on how to join and prepare for the class.

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