FAQ – Shopping Center Tenant Program

Your Shopping Center, in its vision for improving customer traffic is providing a shopping center wide MOBILE APP for digital marketing and virtual sales support for the local shopping center tenants to use to advertise their sales, promotions and offers directly to shoppers smartphones.

How does it work?

  •  You decide what offer or special you want to do, to promote shoppers to your establishment.
  • Way Out Mobile Solutions, Inc. (Mobile APP Developers) will create the coupon for you, install and test your coupon both on ANDROIDS and APPLE smartphones.
  • You must provide the information about your coupon (Promotion, images, prices, dates, hours etc.) by email to info@WayOutMobile.biz
  • You review your coupon once its completed and then “WE” promote the APP with your coupon through he Mall, Social Media, All Tenant Businesses and locally.
  • Shoppers download the APP, see your coupon and visit your store.
  • We drive consumer traffic to your establishment, the sale is up to you.

 Is there a contract?

  •  There is no contract or obligation, BUT, there is a 3-month commitment in any package you select. If you are not satisfied for any reason – you can cancel with a 15-day notice to info@WayOutMobile.biz


Why are you doing this?

  •  This is an effort to increase and sustain consumer traffic to the shopping center and possible increase traffic to your business to buy from you.
  • Reports today show more and more consumers are using their smartphones to conduct business. We are placing your business where they are placing their attention.
  • We want to help you succeed by creating more sales and loyal customer for you.


Am I limited to the Standard Plans listed here?

  • NO, these coupon plans and the digital marketing plan behind them are designed to keep cost to a minimum, however there are other programs.
  • You can have you OWN MOBILE APP developed and have your OWN supporting digital marketing plan developed. These are left to your discretion and are billed completely separately. And yes, you can have both use of our APP and your own APP as well.


What does it cost?

  • You select a pricing package from $99 to $399. From the package you selected chose the promotions you want in the Shopping Centers Mobile APP?
  • You must pay your month of service 15 days prior to the service month.
  • There is a onetime setup fee of $49 – waived if your order is competed before June 15, 2017.