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Does investing in a Mobile APP really increase revenue? No ratings yet.

We have heard this question recently and even though there is substantial evidence to say “YES”.  The MOBILE APP for small business concept is relatively new, so it might be important to really look at this a little closer…

Does investing in a MOBILE APP really increase revenue?

ABI Research

Everything we do in business virtual marketing: blog, Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, Instagram even create websites is done with one thing in mind;  

TO COMMUNICATE with our customers, clients, fans, parishioners, followers etc. To contact a customer and make a sale is the goal of every marketing effort that small businesses everywhere do daily, but these efforts all have one weakness in design; they require that the customer have his or her attention focused on that product or service!  Regrettably OUR Customers are not sitting in front of a computers all day waiting for your sales, promotion, message, blogs, or special offers to appear, nor are they searching through the local papers for that special ad.  

Has it every happen to you?  You may have saved a coupon, a flyer or add for a product or service, restaurant or store special and when you finally have time to pause and maybe make a decision to use it – you can’t find it?  

If you are to truly increase sales you need to reach potential customers where they are, on their terms!  When “they” want to find you!  So where are they?  The answer is everywhere!  Standing on line at the bank, getting coffee, eating lunch, work break, commuting  to or from an event or activity.  So how do you reach them effectively?  

In today’s environment, Customers carry with them their smart phone wherever they go.  So it stand to reason, that if you want to reach them – reach for their phones.   If you want to increase sales you need to get your message to them, where they will see it, hear it and respond to it.  On their phones!!!  Statistic say that 93% of all cellphone messages are read and close to half that number respond to that message in  one form or other.  According to an ABI Research survey of US consumers, respondents who said they had downloaded Mobile APPS and conducted a search on a business APP said…


1. Consumers had visited the store more often increase by 45.8% 
2. Bought more of the Stores Products &Services increase by 40.4% 
3. Told a friend about their shopping experience increased by 35.8% 
4. Encourage friends to visit the store increase by 30.8% 

So we feel creating your businesses MOBILE APP is essential to keeping your current customers and increase your business by bringing in new customers…

Market where your efforts will be seen and where your message is sure to reach your customers.  What do you think?  Let us know…

Gerry Reyes

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