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Technology has overtaken our lifestyle, In the past we used to make a list of the things we wanted to buy and then drive to the store or mall, walk through the aisles and pick our clothes, groceries etc, however back the day we had fewer choices.

Now-a-days as consumers we are always looking for the easiest fastest way to fulfill our needs, we need everything to be ready and done, this why we reach for our devices (smartphones,Ipad´s tablets…) either to send messages, get in touch with friends or purchasing anything we might require.

Some Retail stores have embraced this new concept and now we can just go to our APP Store and download our preferred mobile APP and get access to promotions, coupons, exclusive content and many other benefits just for taking the time to download it.  At the same time other retail stores are going out of business or closing.  This has been a game changing experience for everyone.

In 2016 Alibaba revealed they make earned more money from their mobile customers (427 million of them) than from their nonmobile customers. Alibaba isn’t alone; eBay announced that $9.5 billion of their sales in Q2 of 2016 came from mobile (or 45% of their GMV). Even more impressive, 57% of all of eBay’s Q2 sales were touched by mobile at some point and 88% of consumers use them. It’s also no surprise that consumers use retail mobile apps while shopping in-store. 55% of people that use retail mobile apps said they use them while shopping in-store.

Retail sales on smartphones grew by 54% between 2014 and 2015. While consumers still use apps to enhance their in-app experience, that’s not all they’re using them for. People are actually using retail apps to shop. This tremendous increase in numbers is also putting pressure on the retail stores to provide top-notch service, in order to compete in customer retention.

Consumers seem to feel that by having access to the newest content, coupons and other benefits they have exclusivity over the average consumers and this the strategy that the most successful retail stores are implementing and it works, it creates loyalty among their customers and the most important it´s Cost-Effective, no need for flyers, paper publicity,T.V commercials etc.





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