Marketing Using Mobile APPs

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Consumer is king – yes, we all heard it and know it.

Today however the old belief that Product, Placing and Pricing was the key to that consumer is as old as VHS tapes and 8 track tapes.

Today the smart phone has changed how the King (The Consumer) buys.  It not where you place your product or hare-you-good-at-sexting-may-29-2012-600x400ow you price it.  Today it’s about the relationship you have with them. 

You see to many consumers the cell phone has become a very personal and intimate thing.  Many report actually sleeping with their phones within less than 2 feet from them every night.  Taking the phone everywhere – even the bathroom.  That’s pretty intimate!!!

So if you think you’re going to just build and APP and consumers will simply download and you get rich.  Think again my friend.  Your wanting a permanent space in a very intimate world. 

The key is customer engagement!  The days of a flyer are gone with VHS tapes.  Today you must give the customer precedence in your business.

You must engage them opinionin what they like, what they want, when they want it.  Or simply they will go somewhere else and get it.  Right from their phones.

Customers, Patients, Clients all want information when seek it.  Not by chance see it on an ad.  They may buy at 2 am if your shop is closed – guess what – they will go somewhere else.  The customer has a right to know, be heard, be informed.

How do you get customers to engage, download you APP, keep it, use it and share it.
  • customer-engagement_1Information – have a library of answers to the questions before they are asked. Be seen as the authority.
  • Loyalty – Valued customer appreciates a little recognition – let them have it and tell the world.
  • Ease of doing business – 24/7 shopping, mobile checkout, interactive virtual shopping carts
  • Surveys, Testimonies – Ask them how you’re doing?  Accept suggestions, and recognize contributors on social media. 
  • Query – Likes and dislikes and modify accordingly.
  • Push Notification – Send regular notices, not only sales and promotions but holiday and birthday greetings.
  • Stay interesting – Use QR and GPS coupons as games and curios.


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