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The CASE Study:   

Push Notification, QR Codes and Geo Fencing:

Objective:  A local restaurant wants to increase business. Case Study 1 a   Business Mobile APP features needed:

  • Push Notifications
  • Geo-Fencing
  • GPS Coupon

The Problem: The restaurant is close to a highly commercial area.  Few patrons frequent during lunch hours although the restaurant has a great menu and a popular happy hour.

The Goal:

Increase lunch business by 200%.

The Process:

  • First awareness: We have to get potential customers to download the application.  To do this in this scenario we create a flyer offering a free beer or appetizer to everyone coming into the restaurant showing our APP installed on their phones.
    1. The flyer has the QR Codes that can be scanned to the APP stores for easy download of the businesses mobile app.
    2. Create a auto generated coupon to achieve this – that may only be used one time using the QR Coupon feature.
    3. This flyer is delivered to the local human resource office of the local businesses. Most are always looking for benefits to offer their employees.
  • Case Study 1 b


  • Once the patrons start to show be sure to provide the offer and ask for a comment on the community tab of your app.
  • Wait until you have a respectable number of downloads. Maybe 100 to 200 then you’re ready for phase two.Case Study 1 d
  • Phase two: Prepare a short message with picture or video on your APPS dashboard of the day’s lunch specials.
  • ‘Push notice” your local patrons by locking in only the specific area your delivery service are willing to go.
  • It is strongly suggested to send out the push notice about 11:15 just when employees are starting to think about lunch. Case Study 1 e
  • The Mobile APP can take the order and the payment. All you have to do is fill the order and wait for pickup or delivery.

Repeat this process until you reach the sales capacity you can handle or you want that is ideal for you.  This process is proven successful with many restaurants across the country. Like us on facebook and twitter or download the Way Out Mobile APP available on APPLE and ANDROID app stores for more case studies that can give you great ideas on how to use your Mobile APP to do business #wayoutmobile #wommobilemarketing #womcasestudy

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