Marketing Using Mobile APPs


Chances are you have been approached by someone talking about a mobile APP.  Or someone asking you to download their mobile APP.  Mobile APPS are everywhere.


While it’s true many businesses are now mobile and have their own mobile app, some still do not.   Why?   

The top three reasons some businesses are not yet mobile are:

1) Too expensive…

Business mobile apps range in price and may have been out of the budget of some businesses. – The good news we have a price plan and APP for every budget.  We even offer financing if you need a little help getting started.
2) I don’t know how to use it…
It’s easy!  We have a very user friendly “dashboard” where you can easily maked changes and modifications to you APP.  Engage customers and much mote.  With so many businesses going mobile we have plenty of experienced training you an getting you up an running for great success in mobile digital marketing.
3) I can’t afford a programmer to work for me…

You don’t need any programming to make changes in a user friendly dashboard.  While the dashboard is extremely user friendly we have various online and live support while you get comfortable with your new mobile APP.

Slider 3 1000n x400     Let Talk facts!

The facts are:

  1. Most everyone today carries a smartphone. For most people it has become something very personal.
  2. Some very personal – even sleeping with their phones or at least keep it close by.
  3. Because it’s so intimate and personal it has become the source for the “personal referral” today. People do business with people they know and trust.
  4. People share the information of businesses they like with their friends – creating a very close community.
  5. These is today’s referrals and it’s done using Mobile APPS and Smart Phones.
Are you getting these referrals?  Do you need a Business Mobile APP?
We can teach you how to get referrals, increase your customer base and earn more money in your business. Contact us to learn how you can easily afford a mobile app for your business and how to use it to increase your business.
 Learn More from our BLOG.  Or contact us with your concerns or for a free DEMO.

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