Marketing Using Mobile APPs


The definition of insanity; is to continue doing exactly the same thing you did last year and expecting a new result of this year.

What is your business resolution for 2016?

FEatures benefitsIs one of your goals to make your business grow?  If so, how do you intend to grow?  How much is it going to cost you?  Most businesses struggle from year to year, yet we know that consumers are spending billions of dollars on consumer goods and services.

So the real question is why are you not getting a large piece of that pie

Do you want a piece of the $119,000,000,000 market?  That is how much was reported spent through mobile advertising and mobile purchases in 2012 and is projected to increase in 2013.

Mobile APP technology, digital commerce, and eCommerce is here to stay and how some businesses are growing by leaps and bounds.  If your business does not have a mobile application and you’re relying on traditional marketing methods you’re missing the ball.  The main underlying purpose of all advertising is communication.  If your message falls on deaf ears or ends up in the trashcan it is wasted money.

Consumers like you are very busy in today’s world.  We typically don’t sit around going through the hundreds of pieces of advertising mail received in our mailboxes daily.  Or sit down for an

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