Agora Free Coupon Promo

Hello, thanks for your interest in the FREE Coupon offer on Agora Perks. 

My name is Gerardo Reyes and I am extending an offer to you as a promotion for the Agora Perks digital coupon platform. 

One free coupon to promote your business on our digital platform for one year for free.

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Legal Stuff:

Our offer is to allow you to use our mobile solutions platform to promote you business for one (1) coupon for one (1) calendar year.  No other warranties or offers are implied, intended or suggested.  You nor NOT obligated to use the platform for any other promotion but if you choose to do so you agree to the following conditions.

  • This offer is for one coupon or stamp loyalty program only.
  • The regular price is $99 a month, we are waiving this fee to you for one year, ending December 31, 2018.
  • You may promote any product or service as long as it is not prohibited in the State of Florida or it Municipalities.
  • We do not warrant, recommend or endorse your product or service at any time.
  • Any profits from this advertisement are yours to keep we do not share in your commissions.
  • Any additional coupons are subject to the regular price of $99 / Month.
  • This offer is for you (addressed in the email) and not transferable.
  • This offer if declined may not be redeemed for its economic value.
  • You are solely responsible for the validity of your offer.
  • By submitting your coupon request your are agreeing to all the stipulations listed herein.


If you need additional information or have a question please feel free to contact me below – I will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you and I wish you a very prosperous 2018.