Marketing Using Mobile APPs

The Same Old Game BUT – NEW RULES!!! No ratings yet.

It’s the same old game! 

You have a business and you want to sell your products, so… 

You have to let people know about it!


Yes, it’s the same old game – BUT A WHOLE NEW SET OF RULES!!!

Today’s customers are bombarded daily with interruption ads and promotions that compete for the same money you’re trying to get. That’s why it’s so hard!

BlogNewRulesThink about this, do you buy from strangers that push their products on you or do you buy from the people you like? The people you know? The people you trust? The people you have a personal RELATIONSHIP with…

Well that’s digital marketing today, people have a very serious relationship with their Smartphone’s today.  Some even sleep with their phones close to them. You cannot get very much more personal than that!  So how do you get personal to sell your product oe service?

THE KEY is to get your business in that personal space. It’s not that hard, it does require a little effort on your part.  Engaging your customers to download your APP and use it every day, buy from you and share that experience.  That is the PURPOSE of a true digital marketing plan, making dealing with you a personal enjoyable experience.

That’s where we shine; if you want your part of the 50 billion that is estimated in sales through mobile technology for 2015, we can help you understand how to use it to your advantage.

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