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This page is reserved for our valued customer as a reference library of tutorials on how to use your Mobile APP Back Office.  We are constantly are making changes and updating information so come back often and whenever you need a refresher.  This page is set up with a brief descriptions and links to a video library of the same subject.
Making changes in your New Business Mobile APP is easy.  First please understand there are two types of changes that can be made “Static” and “Dynamic”.Dynamic Content:   The first and most common type of change is the information within the APP. the “content” itself.  For example the menu, or the event, messages and updates.  These are all easy follow the 2 minute video below and you should be good.Static Content:  That’s a whole “another story” these are the frames work and the “look” and “feel” of your APP.  This includes the “Home” Page”  DON NOT MAKE CHANGES TO HOME PAGE as these may be considered static and cause a license revoke or attempt to use single license on a multi-use platform resulting in voiding of your APP and possible additional expense.  To make static changes you need to contact us at with a specific request.  Additional charges may apply as these may require additional programming at our end.Service Contract:  You are not alone we can come out on a “service call” and make content changes for you however these is additional or you can subscribe to a monthly serice contract and we will do the changes for you.  This is the clerical entry and modification of your content data not the creation or marketing plan development.  In other words – you must provide what you want entered, – we will enter it for you.Dynamic Content Changes and Push Messaging Video .
There are various types of coupon in the virtual Mobile APP world.  They may be used in conjunction with each other and separately as well as come with a different “tag” then listed here.  This quick video should help understand the relations between those coupons.Types of Coupons and use video:
The GPS Coupon tab is a way for businesses to reward frequent customers with incentives for repeat business. It works by reading the mobile phone’s GPS coordinates and then checks to see if they are at the same coordinates as your businesses location! When they accumulate enough check-ins they get their check-in incentive (i.e. free drinks, food, discount, etc!).
These coupons will appear as images on the application and when used they will be deleted with a push of a button on the user’s phone by the employer to ensure a coupon is not used multiple times. This also removes the need for additional equipment to verify the coupon such as barcode scanners or unique coupon codes, allowing a very low start up cost for businesses. This system is extremely simple, cost efficient, and very effective for small businesses to build up brand-loyalty with their customers

Creating GPS Coupon Video:

A QR coupon is closely related to a barcode and scanner. This technology utilizes your mobile device for its camera, which scans the code you create By scanning this code a given number of times, it will unlockcertain coupons that you set.  If your organization has special offers or coupons, such as restaurants or services
like salons or skydiving, you should be taking advantage of QR Coupons. These
coupons can be fun and entertaining to the end user if implemented correctly.
You should post the QR code in different locations around your establishment,
such as by the cashiers or on the door when entering. QR coupons also help
increase word of mouth advertisement of your firm by adding in a new and
exciting way for consumers to connect to your business.

Creating QR Coupons and Video:

Loyalty Tab:  The Loyalty tab is very easy to setup and use!  It’s exactly to how a traditional stamp card is typically used, for example when you buy 9 coffees at your local cafe and get the 10th free via stamps on your loyalty card!

Creating Loyalty and QR Coupon Video:

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