The Restaurant industry is one of the most common in the use of the Mobile APP.  

Below is a few of the more common question of owners not yet having a Mobile presence.

Why do I need a Mobile APP for my Restaurant?

  • We live in a highly mobile and fast paced society.  The information highway has branched out into our everyday live through our Mobile Phones and as a business owner if you don’t have a presence in the digital eCommerce highway – you will miss out!
  • If you want your customers to slow down and enjoy your restaurant – you first have to catch their attention.  And where is there attention?  It’s not in print ads or flyers, mobile technology have outpaced traditional marketing by leaps and bounds.   Just remember the last time you as a consumer went to a print ad when you needed a product or service and not to Google?

But I have a Website, why do I need a Mobile APP as well?

Having a website is not enough – customers are too busy to sit in front of a computer to find your Restaurant and cuisine.  Everything you do in marketing your restaurant is with one thing in mind – to communicate with customers and bring them in to your establishment.  But all your efforts have a few things in common; they are shotgun blast to try and reach maximum audiences and hoping for a 1% to 2 % return in investment.  Seriously stop wasting you money.  You need to reach the customer where they are, where they can be found.

The Mobile APP on your potential customers phones creates an experience and a connection between you and your  customer on a more personal level and with little or no interruptions.  Forget 1% to 2% returns; get 20% to 30% on repeat efforts at little or no additional cost beyond a Mobile APP.

How do I use a Mobile APP in my restaurant?

Below is a basic graphic of how a mobile APP may be used in a restaurant.  The “Tabs” are some of the buttons found on a mobile APP for a restaurant.  They are not all inclusive but give you a fairly good idea of what could be done.  A Mobile APP features are broken down into two marketing components gaining new customers and retaining new customers (retaining is further divided into loyalty and engagement).

  • Gaining new customers (Bringing in new Business features)
  • Retaining Customer (Repeat customers and customer interactions inactively promoting the business for you.)
    • Customer loyalty and
    • Customer engagement

Take a look at what other Restaurants are doing now, then contact us for a free demo of what your Mobile APP may look like.   Comment below or complete the “Service Request” form on the drop down menu.  Your welcome to download report by clicking “Download” button below the form.

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