The following features are inherent in every Mobile APP we create:

Push Messaging:  Unlike marketing of the past that cost $400 to $500 to do a mail campaigned that results in a 1% to 3% return on your marketing dollars  Push Messaging allows you to create great marketing ads and have returns of over 30% (according to recent studies) with no additional expense beyond your monthly hosting.  No printing, stamps, postage or additional labor hours to stuff envelopes.  Run as many campaigns as you want and insure your message is read 93% of the time as opposed to 10% of the time over regular emails.

Unlimited Downloads: Just like it says once you have your Mobile APP you can notify as many people as you want through , email, texting, Facebook, Twitter etc and as many people as possible can download your APP for free (or charge a fee if you wish).  Once in their phones we can continue making content changes and your business will be available to thousands 24/7.

Software Support:  Once you have your Mobile APP, out team will assist in training you or your staff in its use.  You can make changes and send messages as often as you like.   If you don’t have a staff or time we can make the changes for you every week for a modest service fee (additional).  Either way you have access to our video library and team support for your new Mobile APP.

Way Out Mobile Community:  Join our blog on this site by registering you email and receive periodic updates on industry new, feedback from other Mobile APP users and how “they” are using the their Mobile APP to grow their businesses.

Contact us for a free Demo of your business APP and see below what some of the more popular features can do for your business.  Your welcome to download this form by clicking “Download” button at the bottom of the page.

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