Marketing Using Mobile APPs

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Below is a summary of the top questions always asked about getting a mobile APP by small business owners.  If you have a questions – let us know we will answer is here and give you credit for the question.

What is a Business Mobile APP?

A Business Mobile APP is a software that allows you to communicate directly with your Customer (Clients, Patients, Members, Players etc.).  Through virtual Push Notifications, Loyalty Programs, Education and Information at the finger tips of your customers finger when they want it or need it.  You are always present for them, this allows you the ability to create a “Loyal and Dedicated Customer Base”.

I have a website, why do I need a Mobile APP?

Today you will find it difficult to find a customer that does not carry a Smart Phone with them.  To many; the Smart Phone has become a very intimate thing, never leaving home without it.  A website is great but; unless the customer is specifically looking for you, your in-fact competing with thousands of other businesses for their attention.

A mobile APP allows you to…

  1. Reach out directly to your customer and gain new ones.
  2. Make sure you are stay relevant in their minds and lives.  (Remember, out of sight out of mind)
  3. For as much money as you spend on your website – your website will never…
    • “CALL” a customer for you and tell them about that great promotion.  (Push Notifications)
    • Take advantage of the customers GPS on the Smart Phone and trigger on-time messages of sales, promotions, specials or simply holiday wishes. (Geo-Fencing)
    • Notify Social Media your Customer has checked-in to do businesses with you. (Check-in Coupons)
    • Instantly share information from phone to phone.  (Referral based APP Share)

And much more, like event planning.  A website can operate independently or in harmony with a mobile APP.  Contact us to determine what might be best for you.  Each business has a unique customer base – we help you fiqure out what works best for you.

IF I make an APP, how do I know it will be successful?

The short answer to this question is rather simple.  For an APP to be successful it must provide 4 elements to the end user.

  1. It must informative.  That is unlike a website is must provide engaging fresh content to keep the attentions of the end user.
  2. It must be Interactive.  You are invading the users time, space and energy.  Successful business owners realize this and provide a “voice” to the end user.  Allowing feedback and commentaries, bringing together “like-minded individuals”.
  3. Facilitate a process.  Whether you are selling your services, products or organizing a committee the mobile APP must serve a “true function of facilitating a process“.  Making a process simple is key.
  4. It must be Entertaining.  Successful APPS businesses realize that capturing the interest of the end user and keeping them engaged is crucial in growing a network, just like any social media sites.   In this case, building a network of loyal exclusive customers to your product or service.



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