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Depending on how sophisticated your digital marketing plan will determine what features your APP would have.  The typical APP goes through four (4) phases of development. 

Phase 1:  Week one:  Analysis and review of your GOALS and OBJECTIVES using digital marketing to determine how best to create your Mobile APP.  

Phase 2: Week two:  Developing of your Mobile APP Software.

Phase 3: Week four:  Submission and review of APP Software codes by APP Stores.

Phase 4: Week five:  Orientation and Training you and your Staff on APP Content Management.

Your APP would be ready for promotion and marketing your business within 5 weeks.

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PWA: (Progressive Website APPS) Are installable Websites (hybrid) Apps that appear to the user like a native (traditional) mobile APP.

The PWA combines features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience.  In effect best of both worlds:Because a PWA actually resides in the cloud it is easier found by SEO and Google Searches than a Native APP in a users phone.They are much faster operationally as very little is downloaded into the phones storage space, yet still functions in low signal areas.Uses the primary features that make APP’s so popular.  i.e. Push Notifications, User Forms, GPS and Loyalty Programs.One main difference is the (PWA for now) has to be added by the user as a short cut to the phone Home Screen. 

Check Out our Recent Blog for a full report on Progressive WEB APPS (PWA’s)



NATIVE APPS: Are software application programs that are developed for use on a particular platform or device. (i.e. Apple and Android Phones).  Because native apps are written for a specific platform, they can interact with and take advantage of operating system features and other software that is typically installed on that platform only.


Which one is right for your business?  That truly depends on your Digital Marketing Strategy and how your wanting to engage your customers.  


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Digital Marketing Strategy (or DMS) are plans that focus on maximizing sales (or conversions) of a business in today’s social media driven and technology markets

Digital Marketing Strategies include but are not limited to:

  • SEO’s,
  • Responsive Websites,
  • Informative Videos,
  • Social Media Accounts,
  • Mobile Business APPS,
  • Site Analytics,
  • BLOG Subscriptions and more.

Each tool serves a purpose in maximizing your businesses User’s Experience and engaging your current and future customers in a manner they choose, in turn earning conversions (or sales).


Contact us for a sample Digital Marketing Strategy template.

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Yes, There are several levels of training and support:


  • The pricing includes an online training sessions for you and your staff.
  • Full access to the dashboard help guide that answers every question of the content management.
  • If you subscribe to our newsletter you will get weekly tips and hacks that teach you how the industries are using mobile app to their advantages.


  • There are 3 levels of Digital Marketing Support.
  • Cost varies depending on the amount of additional hours and services you desire.

A Mobile APP is marketing tool that makes up one component of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy (DMS).

A Business Mobile APP is very important for your business success and communications.  

All the marketing efforts that you create can reach your customers smartphones with a properly configured business Mobile APP working with a well planned Digital Marketing Strategy designed specifically for your business.


Just think for a moment, most everyone has a smartphone?  It’s truly the best way to reach and communicate with your current and potential new customers.  

So they real question is “Will your business succeed and grow without a Mobile APP?

Contact us for a DEMO APP in your industry and a summary of how your industry is using Mobile APPS to stay ahead of the competition.

That’s kind of like asking how much is a new car going to cost me?  What kind of car?  Features? Year? etc…

Mobile APPS vary depending on what features you elect based on you digital marketing strategy.  A fair gauge with us for a traditional business APP or PWA is between $1,950 and $2,950 depending on what feature and how many stores you want your APP to be available on for your customers.

Hosting is a monthly cost which includes maintenance, updates and dashboard accessibility also varies from $79 to $109 depending on how many APP Stores you want you APP to be found in.

We have a number of plans to fit any business budget including financing through PayPal.  

If you are just starting out and need help getting your sales up to speed ask us about our “Rent to Own” program.  This program allows you to use the APP for a small monthly fee and no start up cost.


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