Lets Talk About a Mobile APP for Your Business

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Chances are you have been approached by someone talking about a mobile APP.  Or someone asking you to download their mobile APP.  Mobile APPS are everywhere. ARE YOU USING A MOBILE APP IN YOUR BUSINESS? While it’s true many businesses are now mobile and have their own mobile app, some still do not.   Why?    The top three […]


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The 4P’s of Marketing have been the bedrock of marketing for years.  Today statistics show something else is going on.  Retail Stores are losing enormous market share while online stores like Amazon are reporting unprecedented gains.  Why do some businesses report awesome sales and other are struggling.  The key is understanding how the 4C’s have […]

Why are some Businesses Successful with Mobile APP and other fail so badly?

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Well here is the ugly truth…  It’s not about the APP features, appearance or even the functionality.  Regardless what you spent on it.  It’s not about your business product or service, this can be obtained through your competitors. The answer is…. The difference that can be found between a transactional business and a relationship building […]

We find loyal customers – it’s what we do!

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We help small to mid-size business find and develop a loyal pool of customers to increase businesses! BUSINESS MOBILE APPS have grown tremendously in the last few years.  Projected sales using mobile app purchases is estimated at 50 billion for 2015 and 62 billion for 2016. BUT – it’s not about your Mobile APP. Successful business owners have realized that […]

How Doctors, Health and Wellness Centers are Using Mobile APPS!

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To many people; the Smart phone has become a very intimate thing.  Some reports show users sleeping with their phones no less than 3 feet away!    The intimacy is even greater, when we talk about personal services like: Medical Doctors and Dentist Offices Health & Holistic Centers Health & Beauty Spas Beauty Salons Alternative […]

Schools using Mobile APPS

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Schools across the country are using Mobile APPS to improve communications, interactions and enrollments.  Parents: Easy Communication with administrators and school officials. For schools with cameras in classrooms parents can check up on their children from mobile APPS. Busy parents can easily stay informed of events, news and school announcements from Administrators, Teachers and PTA/PTSA. Students: […]


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“Build an APP and business will come!”  Is simply not true!  Having a Mobile APP is half the success story.  Now you must use it correctly to make it profitable for you.  there are three basic rules to follow. 1) Rule Number One – Smartphones have changed how people consume, the old paper or email campaigns are not as […]

Website Tabs

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Web Site Tab This is a unique tab that allows you the ability to integrate seamlessly a URL (a website page) directly into a Mobile APP tab. The uses are endless but many have used it for creating a *secure tab site log in, such as in the case of membership records or school CCTV […]

Push Notifications

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What is a Push Notification? Push notices are a modern digital marketing method that sends your sales or promotions message directly to a users mobile phones. What can I use Push Notifications for? Basically send your advertisement, notices and messages to your customer Sends sales offers, specials, promotions Send Instructions, updates, Surveys, Forms to be completed […]

Why your business needs a mobile APP?

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Mobile APPS are part of almost every business today. If you are in business you no doubt have been approached at some moment to consider a Mobile APP for you. Many businesses have increased sales while reducing operating expenses using a Mobile APP in conjunction with a responsive website to market themselves. Indeed estimates have […]