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Technology has overtaken our lifestyle, In the past we used to make a list of the things we wanted to buy and then drive to the store or mall, walk through the aisles and pick our clothes, groceries etc, however back the day we had fewer choices. Now-a-days as consumers we are always looking for the […]


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Tier Info feature is essentially a personal or business page.  Think of it as a full page ad in a popular magazine except you can place text, video, hyperlinks images basically anything to promote your businesses.  Comes multi-leveled in 1, 2 and 3 tier pages for all kinds of customization. Great way to get yourself out there […]


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The Merchandise tab or Virtual Shopping Cart… A simple way for businesses to start making sales through their app. whether you have an online store or not – you can use the Custom option to create your own marketplace, or opt to integrate an existing shopping cart. Sales through mobile apps have soured to over 60 […]


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Event planning is always a time-consuming communication challenge.  The Events feature makes it easier.  In one place the events feature let you promote, plan, communicate actions leading up to an event.  During the event, event you share images, communicate and verify attendance.  After the event you have a photo album you can share with future […]


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DIGITAL FORMS Whether you are a paper and documentation heavy business or an all green business, forms feature is a great way to save on paper, time and clerical hours.   Forms features allows you to create a form in your customer smart phone easily. This form can be used for anything from gathering information, […]


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The GPS Coupons tab is a great, location-based feature that allows users to accumulate points by checking in. You can encourage repeat visits and build customer loyalty by offering special deals for customers who return to your location frequently. Note: The GPS functionality will only work if users have allowed your app to access their […]


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If you are a Service oriented business and your customers need to schedule specific time to meet with you? A RESERVATION online scheduling calendar is for you.  Whether you are currently using an online scheduling service or need to have one customized for you.  Having you times available for your customer is essential.  Reservation tab […]


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LOYALTY & PERK PROGRAMS: Customer engagement is critical in keeping your customers coming back to you.  Loyalty reward programs are an excellent way to do that.  Very popular with all age groups and customer types.  Engagement of the mobile APP had been one of the greatest challenges some businesses that earlier created mobile apps for […]


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What are QR CODES & QR COUPONS? QR is short for Quick Response (they can be read quickly by a cell phone scanner). They are used to take information and put it in to your customer cell phone.   How could you use a QR code? Many businesses are using QR CODES & QR COUPONS to market […]


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What is a Push Notification? Push notices are a modern digital marketing method that sends your sales or promotions message directly to a users mobile phones. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS:     Push Notification are pop up messages directly to your customers phone. This feature allows you to send full screen ads, promotions, specials, holiday greetings, announcements […]