Agora Free Coupon Promo

Hello, thanks for coming to my site to see the video on Agora Perks. 


A few things to remember, please; If you decide you want to take advantage of this offer please see the conditions below this video.   

Also sorry I made the video really fast to get this out to you as soon as possible.      …Gerry




Please email your promotion to with the following:

  1. Image size 1250 X 960  (.png or .jpg)
  2. High Quality Images please (it’s your business)
  3. You business name, address, phone number and email (so customers can reach you),
  4. Email to

All information must be received by Friday November 10 end of business day.  

Legal Stuff:

Our offer is to allow you to use our mobile solutions platform to promote you business for one (1) coupon for one (1) calendar year.  No other warranties or offers are implied, intended or suggested.  You nor NOT obligated to use the platform for any other promotion but if you choose to do so any other coupons or loyalty programs are subject to the terms and conditions as posted on the website.